Premium Nordmann Fir - Real Christmas Tree (non drop)

Nordmann Fir Real Christmas Trees: Undoubtedly the King of Christmas Trees, the Nordmann Fir is the most popular Real Christmas Tree in the UK. With its lovely deep green foliage topside and underside a striking blue, its beautiful symmetry, blunt non-drop needles and traditional Christmas Tree cone shape. No wonder this is the nations favorite!
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The Premium Nordman Fir non drop Christmas Tree is the market leader when it comes to quality, you wont find a better, more beautiful Real Christmas Tree.  These Christmas Trees have a lovely deep green glossy foliage, which are not sharp and have superb needle retention, so no ‘sore feet’ or ‘big clean up’ in the new year!  These qualities make the Premium Nordmann the favourite among real Christmas Tree buyers.

For only £9.95, We deliver your christmas tree straight to your door, cutting the hassle of hiring a van or squeezing into your car. Let us do the heavy work.
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Our main business is the sale of real Christmas Trees, so we need to get it right! That’s why we only supply the best quality trees and provide customer service second to none, so our customers come back to us year after year.
4ft - 5ft Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree
Old price:  £34.99
5ft - 6ft Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree
Old price:  £39.99
6ft - 7ft Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree
Old price:  £49.99
7ft - 8ft Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

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Needle Retention Very High
Foliage Soft
Colour Deep Green