Choose from our selection of Christmas tree stands to complete your order.  We recommend a water holding Christmas tree stand to help keep your real Christmas tree lovely and vibrant throughout the Christmas period. We offer a value range for those on a budget, but have a great water holding christmas tree stand from Ehlo for just a fraction more.

Have a Merry Christmas from Northern Christmas Trees
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Christmas Tree Stand (Value)

Picture of Christmas Tree Stand (Value)
This is our budget real christmas tree stand, a little cheaper than the water holding christmas tree stands. This is not designed to hold water, so will undoubtedly reduce the vibrancy of your christmas tree, but provides a slightly cheaper alternative for the most popular 6ft trees.


Christmas Tree Stand (Water Holding)

Picture of Christmas Tree Stand (Water Holding)
Water holding real christmas tree stands are designed to hold several litres of water, keeping your tree hydrated, lovely and vibrant well into the new year. Click [Details] to choose the correct stand for your tree.

From £13.95